Get my Top 10 Concussion Coping Skills

Optimize your concussion recovery! Get my top 10 concussion coping skills with this FREE printable PDF. Enter below for instant access. 

Get my Top 10 Concussion Coping Skills 

Optimize your concussion recovery! Get my top 10 concussion coping skills with this FREE PDF. Enter below for instant access.

About mollyparkerpt

Meet Dr.Parker

I am a physical therapist who has had Post Concussion Syndrome and a sensorimotor disorder for 7 years. I have seen over 70 healthcare providers and spent thousands of hours researching. I did everything wrong and got worse for over 4+ years! I have FINALLY figured out how to harness the power of neuroplasticity and am hopeful for a second chance at life! 

My Vision

While recovering from my injury, one thing was clear... there is a HUGE gap in concussion management and the most basic education for everyone involved. My vision is that one day each person with a concussion will be properly diagnosed, educated, and treated… easy peasy. With a little neuroplasticity and a team approach we can turn a public health crisis into standardized quality care. 

About our Concussion Community

The Power of Community

Community empowers us to reach our concussion recovery goals faster... Patients could be educated on concussions, but what if there aren't trained providers close by? Providers can get advanced training but what if they don't really understand their patients or how to form a multi-disciplinary team? Families want to help but don't understand what's wrong or what to do. Phew, there is alot we need to learn from each other. So where do we start? Well, I'm on it... sign up for the community to receive a free gift to help empower your journey:  

  • Providers- Build treatment teams in your community and I'll connect you to patients who need your help. 
  • Patients- Get the OPTIMAL mindset for recovery, then learn how to set achievable goals. 
  •  Family- Get 10 actionable ways to help your loved ones concussion recovery. 

What will I learn?

Building a Treatment Team

Concussions ALWAYS require a multi-disciplinary approach. Learn about the different professions involved in PCS recovery. I'll give you specific symptoms to make it easier to match yourself with the right healthcare team. 

Neuroplastic Treatment Options

This is an exciting time for neurohabilitation! Injuries thought to be untreatable or "sustained too long ago" are responding to all kinds of neuroplastic techniques. I'll introduce you to each one and help you choose what is right for each individual.  

Education and Coping Skills

Keep up to date on the latest in concussion research and management. Get connected to resources, courses and helpful tools. Learn about everything from my top 10 coping skills to "return to learn/play" guidelines.

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Diet is an important part of PCS recovery. Systemic inflammation can hinder your recovery while increasing pain and symptom intensity... BUT the right diet can DECREASE pain and symptoms while facilitating healing. Yay!

Restoring Quality Sleep 

Quality sleep is crucial to concussion recovery as the brain rids itself of toxins and stores what we learned during the day while we sleep. Insomina and excessive sleep are common in concussions and should ALWAYS be addressed. 

Where will I learn?

Join the Community

Join the community working towards one collective goal: Optimal Concussion Recovery. Join below... It just wouldnt be the same without you!

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